This page lists the application status for grant of eligibilities under special laws and issuances (SPELS) that are already processed for 2018. Kindly see if your name appears on the list and tagged as "APPROVED" before proceeding to the CSC Regional Office to request for a Certification of Eligibility (CnoE).

Application was already approved? Click on the button below to know what to bring with you during your visit to the CSC Regional Office:


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For those whose applications are disapproved, please note that we shall return your applications and all documentary requirements attached therein via registered mail. Kindly wait for your application via the post office before refiling.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For those who will request for CnoE for the first time after approval of their eligibility, please note that you must PERSONALLY transact with us to request for your certificate. Authorized representative/s will not be honored.


announcement aug 12 2018

For the documentary requirements in requesting for a certification of eligibility in security paper, CLICK HERE.


In its effort to bring its services closer to the people and to facilitate examination-related transactions, the Civil Service Commission Regional Office V, through its Examination Services Division, shall conduct a series of mobile processing of exam-related requests and awarding of eligibility cards in Region 5.

The first leg of the project will be on February 16, 2018 at the CSC Camarines Norte Field Office. Succeeding batches in other provinces shall be announced later on.

See you on February 16 in Daet!




For CSC eligibles in Region 5 with lost, damaged or unclaimed certificate of eligibility (COE), you may request for a certification of eligibility in security paper (CnoE) at the CSC Regional Office in Rawis, Legazpi City anytime within office hours.

Certification of Eligibility Final



If you are requesting for a CnoE for the first time after you have passed the CSE-PPT or your application for Special Eligibility has been granted / approved, please note that you should PERSONALLY transact with us to request for CnoE. Transactions through an authorized representative is not allowed.



We at the CSC RO V implement a first-come, first-served basis, and as such, we provide queue numbers to requesting clients. All requests for certification of eligibility will be processed within ONE HOUR UPON RECEIPT OF COMPLETE DOCUMENTS BY THE PROCESSOR, and upon verification of the correctness of your data. We refer to this as PROCESSING TIME, and this is as indicated in our Citizen's Charter. Your WAITING TIME, however, is beyond the control of this office and is NOT INCLUDED in the processing time. This will vary depending on the number of clients before your queue number. As such, we ask that the transacting public understand the difference between PROCESSING TIME and WAITING TIME.

Thank you.

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The CSC is announcing the conduct of the Pre-Employment Test, Promotional Test, and Ethics-Oriented Personality Test (EOPT).

Please note that these tests are for Government Agencies opting to adopt any or all of the tests to be part of their screening process on recruitment, placement, and promotion.  As such, no individual can file an application directly with the CSC.

Click HERE for the electronic copy of the announcement