Welcome to the CSC RO V OnSched Page. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction, clients are advised to carefully read and understand the instructions indicated herein before booking their schedule.

1. Know the documentary requirements for your transaction, and bring it during your date of appointment. To help you in securing your requirements, we have prepared a handy guide for you. Click on the links below before proceeding further:

Requirements for Certification of Eligibility (for unclaimed/lost/damaged/corrected eligibility)

Requirements for Authentication of Eligibility

The Applicant's Guide to CSC Special Eligibilities

Download, print and fill-out the corresponding forms (ERRF, Declaration and specific Special Eligibility forms) before setting your appointment. We recommend that you use OUR DOWNLOADS SECTION to ensure that you are getting the latest revision of the forms needed.

2. Select your transaction type, and set your preferred date and time of appointment. Completely and accurately fill-out the data needed (especially date and place of exam / issuance of eligibility).

3. Eligibles who will request for a certification for the first time are required to PERSONALLY appear at CSC RO V. No authorized representative will be honored.

4. For authorized representatives, kindly fill out your personal information in the appointment system. Further, you are required to provide the eligible's full name, date and place of exam / issuance of eligibility in the appropriate space given. Please ensure the accuracy of the data provided therein.

5. Clients / representatives are required to book only one eligibility per person per time slot. We shall not transact requests that are not booked separately in the appointment system. If multiple entries are provided in the Title of Exam / Eligibility and Date of Exam / Issuance of Eligibility fields in the appointment system for a specific time slot, we shall only transact the FIRST eligibility / exam indicated.

6. Provide a valid and active e-mail address. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with your appointment details. You shall be required to present a print-out, a screenshot or digital photo of the same, along with your valid ID before you will be accommodated. Further, should there be problems or changes to your schedule, we shall communicate with you through your e-mail address.

6. Observe punctuality. CSC RO V shall cancel your appointment should you come later than ten (10) minutes of your schedule. If your appointment has been cancelled, we shall require you to book another schedule with us. The same applies for no-show clients.

Conversely, to reduce perceived waiting time, clients are also advised to come not earlier than ten (10) minutes of their schedule.

Finally, be mindful of the time of the government and other clients. Many are also trying to book an appointment with us at the earliest time available. We request clients to book only if they are certain that they can be present during the time they have scheduled. We also ask that clients refrain from making a block reservation (booking multiple time slots for one person with only one eligibility). CSC RO V reserves the right to cancel the appointment of those who make a block reservation, or those who frequently commit a no-show.

If you cannot make it to your appointment, kindly inform us in advance through the mobile number indicated in this site with your full appointment details so that we may free your schedule for other clients.

7. Corollary to number 6, only those whose names are registered in the appointment system shall be accommodated. This is to prevent last minute switches from the actual eligible to a representative, or vice versa, or making a block reservation for other eligibles. We shall require all clients present to provide the necessary IDs before proceeding with their transaction.

8. Ensure you have with you the COMPLETE and CORRECT documentary requirements during your scheduled appointment. Clients with incomplete / incorrect set of documentary requirements will not be allowed to proceed with their transaction. They shall be required to set another online appointment.

9. Observe proper office dress code. Wearing of sando, strapless or spaghetti strap blouses, miniskirts, short shorts, rubber slippers / sandals/ bakya are strictly prohibited.



By clicking on the button below, I confirm that I have thoroughly read, understood, and hereby abide by the terms stated above, and that I also agree with our PRIVACY POLICY/NOTICE.

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