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Are you a latin honor graduate? Served as a barangay official? Was a sangguniang bayan member for two (2) or three (3) terms? There are eligibilities that the Civil Service Commission may confer to qualified individuals pursuant to pertinent laws and CSC issuances. These are called Special Eligibilities (SPELS), and may be granted to individuals who qualify, without the need to take the career service examinations. The list of special eligibilities granted by the CSC are already indicated in our website. For complete details on each, click on the appropriate link below:

If you are qualified and would like to apply for the said eligibilities, read on to be guided with the documentary requirements for the same, so that your application shall be instantly approved by the CSC.

If you have already downloaded the application form for a specific special eligibility, you may have noticed that there are two (2) sets of documentary requirements (listed at the back of the form): General and Specific. General requirements refer to documents needed that is common to all special eligibilties granted by the CSC. Meanwhile specific requirements are specific to the type of special eligibility you are applying for.

Click on the image below to be properly guided in the preparation of your General Requirements:

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Application Pending Dont Worry Follow These Steps 01

This page lists those whose applications that have been found out to be lacking documentary requirements or have discrepancy/ies in their documents after the initial, first or second evaluation, or we have requested for reference documents from other agencies (e.g. DILG, DICT, college/university attended, among others) These applications should have already been processed sans the deficiency/discrepancy. As such, we shall process your application within the day of submission of compliance documents, provided that the signatories are present.

IMPORTANT: Please call us via [052] 482-0699 / 482-0695 beforehand to be advised if your application will be processed during the day of your visit. Be also advised to check our official webpage and social media account ( for announcement of office activity/ies that may coincide with your planned day of visit.

Please note further, that processing your application takes one (1) hour to complete, which does NOT include processing of your certification of eligibility. As such, applicants submitting compliance documents are advised to come to the office earlier.

For ease of your transaction, kindly bring the requirements for the issuance of certification of eligibility (CnOE) along with your compliance document/s. Click on the button below for the list of requirements:




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For transparency, CSC RO V has created the SPELSTAT Queue List Page, as we implement a "first come, first served" policy. This page lists the queue of applications for Special Eligibilities and CSC Issuances (SPELS) for processing. If your name is not yet listed on the approved/disapproved list and the queue list, it means that the Examination Services Division (ESD) has yet to receive your application. For those that submitted their application through our Field Offices, please allow lead time for the courier/mail to arrive at the Regional Office.

NOTE: Applicants for Skills Eligibility pursuant to CSC MC 11, s. 1996,(as amended), are not included in this list due to the nature of the alloted application period for the same, and the effectivity of their eligibility.

Thank you.

Was your name previously in the Queue List  but is now not listed both in the Queue and Approved/Disapproved List? You may have discrepancy/ies or deficiencies in your documents that was not screened during the intial, first or second evaluation, or we have requested for documents from other agencies (e.g. DILG, DICT, college/university attended). As such, your application is PENDING. Kindly click on the link below to check if your application is under PENDING status:



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