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Q: When is the schedule of the CSC examinations this 2021?

A: There is no schedule of exams in Region V yet, as the situation for COVID-19 cases in the region fluctuates from moderate risk to high risk, and vice versa.

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Q: What about the announced exams this October 2021?

A: The CSC Central Office has scheduled the conduct of Fire Officer, Penology Officer, and Basic Competency on Local Treasury Exams this October 2021, per request of the agencies concerned. As to whether Region V will join these exams or not shall depend on the status of the region in relation to the current cases of COVID-19, and if we are given clearance by the Regional IATF to do so.

However, please note that even if we have been given clearance and the CSC Regional Office has already accepted applications, in case the region or the testing centers are declared as high or moderate risk of transmission in the days preceeding the exam, we are not precluded to cancel the same as the need arises.

Always keep tuned to our official website (ro5.csc.gov.ph) and social media account (fb.com/cscrov) for updates.


Q: How about those who were supposed to take the exams last March 2020?

A: We have already announced the refund of the examination fee for those that have registered to the March 2020 exam. Visit the CSC RO V Online Refund System (CORS) website here to request for your refund.


Q: Can I just wait for the next exam instead, and not request for the refund?

A: The Commission has scheduled the refund from May – December 31, 2021. Thus, within that period, we highly recommend that examinees refund their registration fee. The Regional Office has already expressed its intention to defer the conduct of pen-and-paper test, and instead focus on the conduct of the CSC Computerized Exam (COMEX) in the region.


Q: So, when WILL the COMEX be available?

A: We are still in the process of procuring equipment that will enable us to conduct the COMEX. Further, in its current iteration, the system heavily relies on a constant data connection between the exam terminals and the server. We will conduct the exam once the reliability of the internet service providers (ISPs) in the region has improved. We shall announce the COMEX schedule once we are ready for its conduct.


Q: Why doesn't the CSC devise an online exam?

A: From a technical and IT standpoint, we find it very difficult to safeguard the Career Service Exam against cheating if the same can be taken by the examinees anywhere online. We will only conduct the same if measures are in place to uphold the sanctity and security of the exams, even if it is conducted online.


Q: Is the CSC Eligibility Card available?

A: The eligibility cards currently available are for passers of the May - December 2015 exams. The printing of the card is put on hold by the CSC Central Office. Please wait for the announcement of its availability via our Regional Website.


For other eligibility-related FAQs (how to be issued a Certificate of eligibility, or an authenticated copy of the COE, how to apply for CSC Special Eligibilities), visit our advisory website at bit.ly/alternativeprocedure