To all applicants for the October 2021 FOE / POE / BCLTE:


Please be informed that all appointment slots for the personal appearance for exam application have been filled.

There are only four hundred and twenty (420) slots open in total across all three exams (180 slots for FOE, 120 for POE and 120 for BCLTE, also subject to availability of rooms). The photo below shows website traffic taken as of 8:05 AM today, 26 July 2021. The web traffic boxed in blue is the Exam Advisory Page (, and the web traffic boxed in red is the actual booking page, which is linked in the Exam Advisory Page. With this kind of web traffic, it is expected that all slots will be filled within a few minutes after the page has been published.

Exam application

The booking page was published at exactly 8:00 AM on 26 July 2021.

However, may we remind everyone who have registered, especially those who did not follow the instructions in the Application Procedure page, specifically #5:

Exam 2

You shall be given only until 5PM on 27 July 2021 to fix your account details and appointment schedule. Registration made under fake names, aliases and those not using their complete proper names, and those with multiple bookings shall be DELETED WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

Also, applicants who do not show during their scheduled personal appearance shall also have their exam slot forfeited and opened to other interested applicants who are able to book in the appointment system, provided that the schedule is still within the application period.

As such, other applicants are advised to often revisit the appointment website, slots will be made available anytime within the application period.

Please note that we shall continue to delete appointments for those who do not follow the Exam Application Procedure.

Thank you for your understanding.