In line with the start of the personal appearance for the application for the Fire Officer, Penology Officer and Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination on 02 August 2021, applicants are hereby reminded of the following:


1.    Securing an appointment does not guarantee your slot in the examination. Your application may still be disapproved during your personal appearance for any of the following reasons:





3.    If your name is not included in the list of appointments, it means that your appointment was removed due to non-compliance to our announcement on the use of ALIAS accounts during registration, or due to multiple bookings. Applicants not in the list SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


The advisory for this was published in the CSC REGIONAL WEBSITE on 26 July 2021, and a subsequent announcement was posted in our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE. Also, an individualized electronic mail notice was sent to those accounts.


We shall announce the re-opening of appointment slots within the application period for disapproved appointment slots. As usual, it shall be opened on a set date and time, and shall be on a first-booked, first-reserved basis.


Thank you.