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NEWS RELEASE: Review HR systems, policies for women - CSC

Amid the celebration of National Women’s Month this March, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) urged government agencies to reassess their human resource (HR) systems and policies toward ensuring a more inclusive and supportive workplace for women.

The CSC said that women comprise 55% of the civil service (pegged at 1,755,424 as of August 2021), and are and should be treated as essential partners in governance and nation-building.

CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles said that, while economic participation of women in the civil service can be considered high, there is a need to take a deeper look into how they are actually faring at work. “Are there factors making it harder for women to go up the career ladder? Do women find it doubly challenging to keep up with the demands of work, considering their multiple roles in the household and at the office? Are there open communication lines and formal systems in place that can encourage women to speak up about sexual harassment, prejudice, and other workplace issues?”

Chair Nograles added that agencies are duty-bound to strictly implement existing policies that address the specific gender needs of women, particularly those relating to special leave benefits, equal employment opportunity, and protection and prevention against sexual harassment.

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