RA 04202022

Examinees of the reset Fire Officer Examination (FOE), Penology Officer Examination (POE), Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE), and Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO) which were initially scheduled in October 2021, shall take the examination on 24 April 2022.
In Region V, the testing venue is Divine Word College of Legazpi (North Campus/High School Department), Capt. F. Aquende Drive, Cruzada, Legazpi City. The designated room number of the examinee may be generated using the Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA) through the CSC website www.csc.gov.ph.
Other reminders and details of the exam are available in Examination Advisory Nos. 3-6, s. 2022 (http://web.csc.gov.ph/examinations.html).
For queries/clarifications, please contact us or visit our office in Rawis, Legazpi City.