For CSC eligibles in Region 5 with lost, damaged or unclaimed certificate of eligibility (COE), you may request for a certification of eligibility in security paper (CnoE) at the CSC Regional Office in Rawis, Legazpi City anytime within office hours.

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If you are requesting for a CnoE for the first time after you have passed the CSE-PPT or your application for Special Eligibility has been granted / approved, please note that you should PERSONALLY transact with us to request for CnoE. Transactions through an authorized representative is not allowed.



We at the CSC RO V implement a first-come, first-served basis, and as such, we provide queue numbers to requesting clients. All requests for certification of eligibility will be processed within ONE HOUR UPON RECEIPT OF COMPLETE DOCUMENTS BY THE PROCESSOR, and upon verification of the correctness of your data. We refer to this as PROCESSING TIME, and this is as indicated in our Citizen's Charter. Your WAITING TIME, however, is beyond the control of this office and is NOT INCLUDED in the processing time. This will vary depending on the number of clients before your queue number. As such, we ask that the transacting public understand the difference between PROCESSING TIME and WAITING TIME.

Thank you.

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