This page lists the application status for grant of eligibilities under special laws and issuances (SPELS) that are already processed for 2018. Kindly see if your name appears on the list and tagged as "APPROVED" before proceeding to the CSC Regional Office to request for a Certification of Eligibility (CnoE).

Application was already approved? Click on the button below to know what to bring with you during your visit to the CSC Regional Office:


Did not locate your name? Applied from November 2018 onwards? Click the button below:

spels 2019


For those whose applications are disapproved, please note that we shall return your applications and all documentary requirements attached therein via registered mail. Kindly wait for your application via the post office before refiling.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For those who will request for CnoE for the first time after approval of their eligibility, please note that you must PERSONALLY transact with us to request for your certificate. Authorized representative/s will not be honored.