Starting 23 March 2020, CSC RO V shall implement the Online Scheduler for CSC RO V Services or CSC OnSched. During the first phase of implementation, the OnSched shall be open for clients who will apply for the grant of eligibility under special laws and CSC issuances (SPELS), and they advised to use the online appointment system to set the date of submission of documentary requirements relative to the eligibility they are applying for. All forms, documentary requirements as well as some guides will be provided to the clients prior to setting their appointment. During the transitory period until 30 April 2020, walk-in applicants will still be accepted, however, priority shall be given to those who have made their appointment online. Walk-in applicants shall only be accommodated when a certain time slot is vacant, or if there is a no-show of client/s with a confirmed appointment.

On 4 May 2020, CSC RO V will fully implement the OnSched for the following transactions:

1. Application for grant of Eligibility under special laws and CSC issuances;

2. Request for issuance of certification of eligibility (CnoE) for no/lost certificates; and

3. Request for issuance of authenticated copy/ies of the certificate of eligibility.

During this time, walk-in clients who will transact with CSC RO V on the abovementioned processes shall no longer be allowed. Other transactions, such as application for the Career Service Examination, shall still be open for walk-in clients.

Clients are strongly advised to properly read the instructions on the site, as well as the documentary requirements, for a smooth and hassle-free transaction with CSC RO V. It is emphasized that clients with incomplete/incorrect set of documentary requirements shall not be processed, and they shall be required to book another schedule with us.

CLICK HERE to access the CSC OnSched.